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Space A40
$97.49 $129.99 You Save: 25% ( $32.50 )
Space A40
Multipoint Connection

Connect with 2 Bluetooth devices at once to make it easy to switch between music, calls, and more.

Enhanced Awareness

Switch to Transparency mode to stay in tune with what's going on around you.

Wireless Charging

Space A40 noise cancelling wireless earbuds' charging case can be recharged via wireless charging or USB-C cable.

Customized Listening

Use the soundcore app to customize noise cancelling, controls, and transparency. Also, choose from 22 EQ presets, and create a HearID Sound profile.

Everything You Need for a Comfortable Fit
Small and Lightweight Design
Space A40 are smaller than all other soundcore ANC earbuds and have a lightweight and ergonomic design.
Enhanced Wearing Experience
Choose the right size of ear tips for your ears and wear the earbuds in the correct position for superior comfort and ANC performance.

Compare soundcore Headphones

Space A40 Space Q45 Life A2 NC Life A3i Life P3i Life P3
Sound Hi-Res Wireless, LDAC, HearID Hi-Res Wireless, Hi-Res, LDAC Customized EQ Customized EQ Customized EQ Customized EQ
Active Noise Cancelling Adaptive ANC Adaptive ANC Hybrid ANC with multiple modes Hybrid ANC Hybrid ANC Hybrid ANC with multiple modes
Playtime 10 hours 50 hours 7 hours 9 hours 9 hours 7 hours
Playtime with Charging Case 50 hours n/a 35 hours 36 hours 36 hours 35 hours
Fast Charging 10 mins = 4 hours 5 mins = 4 hours 10 mins = 1.5 hours 10 mins = 2 hours 10 mins = 2 hours 10 mins = 2 hours
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth 5.3 Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth 5
Calls 6 mics with AI algorithm 2 mics with AI algorithm 6 mics 4 mics with AI algorithm 4 mics with AI algorithm 6 mics
App Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recommended For Calls, commute, travel Travel, flight, train, commute Calls, commute, travel Calls, commute, travel, sports Calls, commute, travel Calls, commute, travel

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dave B
Pleasantly surprised

For this price you’re looking at some impressive tech. I forewent Apple AirPods for these and I’m not sorry! Gutsy sound, excellent noise cancelling. Definitely recommend.

cale read
good earphones

really do like these headphones, probably wouldnt buy them at full price though. (stingy)
i put alot of thought into the thigs i buy and spend my money on because i try to make sure my money is worth the purchase and these on sale i did a bit of search.
i was trying to decide between the a40s and the q30s and decided ultimately the a40s because i go to the gym and move quite alot, i think it was a good choice since im still not sure on overear headphones.
made the right choice, theyre great.
noise cancelling is alright for the price, i can still hear people speaking if theyre close but its muffled
they stay in my ear and dont fall out or anything

only cons maybe is that on computer if im gaming and on vc the actual audio from the game is really muffled like gone through a microwave, but from looking it up its just windows 11 not the actual headphones, dunno.

great product

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