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Space Q45
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Space Q45
AI-Enhanced Calls
Be heard in crystal-clear clarity thanks to the 2 microphones and AI algorithm that identify and pick up your voice precisely from your surroundings.
Dual Connection
With Bluetooth 5.3 and multipoint connection, you can easily switch between music, calls, videos, and more on two different devices.
Customizable Ambient Sound
Use the app to choose from 5 levels of transparency and noise cancelling to take your customization to the max.
Personalized Listening
Make Space Q45 your own with a fully adjustable EQ, LDAC, safe volume, customizable controls, and more in the soundcore app.

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Sound Hi-Res Wireless, Hi-Res, LDAC Hi-Res Wireless, LDAC, HearID Hi-Res Wireless, Hi-Res, LDAC Hi-Res, customized EQ Hi-Res, BassUp, dual EQ modes
Active Noise Cancellation Adaptive ANC Adaptive ANC Hybrid ANC with multiple modes Hybrid ANC with multiple modes Hybrid ANC
Playtime 65H (ANC off), 50H (ANC on) 10H (50H with case) 60H (ANC off), 40H (ANC on) 60H (ANC off), 40H (ANC on) 60H (ANC off), 40H (ANC on)
Fast Charging 5 mins = 4 hours 10 mins = 4 hours 5 mins = 4 hours 5 mins = 4 hours 5 mins = 4 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3, AUX Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth 5, AUX with mic, NFC Bluetooth 5, AUX, NFC Bluetooth 5, AUX
Calls 2 mics with AI algorithm 6 mics with AI algorithm 2 mics with AI algorithm 2 mics Single mic
Charging Port USB-C USB-C USB-C USB-C Micro-USB
soundcore App
Recommended For Travel, flight, train, commute Calls, commute, travel Travel, flight, train, commute Travel, flight, train, commute Travel, flight, train, commute

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Comfy headphones with decent audio & ANC

Got these on sale as a wireless alternative to my QC25s. The Q45s comes close to the QC25s in most regards. Earcups are nicer but I can feel the cable in the headband under the padding Audio is nearly as good and ANC works but only about 60% as much white noise is attenuated compared to the QC25s. The Q45s ANC also seem to be quite directional or sensitive to me moving my head around. The biggest issue I have is that there is no power on indicator! I have to turn the headset off to find out that it's already on! Can the LED please illuminate when the headset is on!!!

Great for listening to music on your phone but bugs out when paired with my laptop.

I don't have much reference for comparison for the headphone's noise cancelling but I can say the padding + the noise cancelling cancels out a lot of the consistent sound from outside, and the transparency is ok. The app also comes with options to adjust your eq. My only problem is that when I use these on my laptop I sometimes get these random robotic sounds that could ruin the experience, so hopefully this can be fixed.

Highly reccommend!

I am so in love with these headphones. I've always been a fan of Soundcore products and these are no different. I usually tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to protecting my devices but I feel secure storing the headphones in the included case which is saying something about both the durability of the case as well as the build quality of the headphones themselves. Two of the biggest selling points for me are that the custom EQ options are great and allow for all music to sound amazing no matter the genre, and that the different noise cancellation modes work really well for my commutes and for times around the house when I don't want to hear chatter. The battery lasts for a while and I've never run into any trouble with the headphones dying on me when I need them. One last note, I usually have trouble wearing over the ear headphones due to the pressure on my head causing headaches but I have never had issues with these (though I will say they are a tad bulky for my taste, but the benefits outweigh that complaint). Overall I am very very happy with these and will gladly be replacing them if they ever break.

- Doesn't give me headaches from squeezing my head
- Sturdy case and construction
- Custom EQ options through the app as well as multiple EQ presets
- Comes with different noise cancellation options for different environments and noises
- Paired easily with the Soundcore app and my phone

- A little bulky and not as aesthetically pleasing as other headphones in my opinion

Mr. Fahrenheit
Great sound

I really like these headphones. The sound quality is really good and the battery lasts forever. The bluetooth connection is really strong and the range is good enough for my entire apartment.


These headphones are great for the price!

They are super comfortable to wear and fit over your ears great. The padding makes it super comfy and helps to block out the noise around you.

The sounds is crisp and clear and sounds great. They are easy to charge and the battery lasts for hours!

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